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40 kids books that feature people of color

This is such a fun idea for a book! I love the gorgeous illustrations and message about teamwork and cooperation. About a little girl named Meg who is quite a talented builder. She makes incredible things out of boxes, she’s a “Boxitect” at school a new girl joins her class and to Meg’s surprise is also an amazing boxitect. When a big maker competition comes up both girls are teamed up together. Both think they’re the best and their ego gets in the way of creative cooperation. Their project is a big mess, until finally they decide to stop arguing and work together. In the end they create an impressive masterpiece and all it took was a little cooperation for the greater good. Definitely a must have for any children’s bookshelf and sure to inspire the next generation of boxitects.

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Really smart idea for a book, I love books that teach about emotional awareness. A boy has a hard day at school and is feeling frustrated. When his father notices he’s feeling down the boy explains about his day and says he wanted to cry but he didn’t. He doesn’t want to cry in front of his schoolmates thinking they will give him a hard time about it. His dad tells him it’s ok to cry and that it’s actually a good thing and it’s brave to have the guts to express your feelings and be yourself. The boy imagines the bravest people he can think of and wonders if they cry too. Only one way to find out... go ask them. So he finds some brave people around town and asks them. Their replies are very surprising to him, they ALL cry after talking with a bunch of brave people the boy realizes that he’s had the wrong idea about crying this whole time and now he doesn’t need to try and hide it or hold it in. Wonderful illustrations and smart writing make this an easy choice. Especially when you consider the message, I think this book can be very beneficial for young boys to see. Crying is not an easy thing for boys, there’s a lot of pressure to be tough and to not show weakness. It’s an unhealthy gender stereotype and I think it’s great to see high quality books out there about this. Definitely give this 2 thumbs up!

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This is a wonderful book, beautiful illustrations and well written. It follows a boy who is on holiday visiting his grandpa in Haiti. They live in Jacmel and during that time there is a huge Carnival happening. Warned by his family to stay home and watch the carnival from the balcony Luke couldn’t help himself. He waited for his grandparents to fall asleep and then ran outside and joined the Carnival. Getting caught up in the moment and in awe of the vibrant masks and festive atmosphere, he finds himself lost. Finding his way home might not be easy but fortunately he made a few friends along the way that were able to help. I enjoyed this book a lot and love that I can teach my students a little bit about Haitian culture and the Jacmel Carnival. Definitely a must have on any children’s bookshelf.

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This is a fun book. Beautiful artwork and a great introduction to business. About 2 girls who collect a lot of mangoes from their Grammy’s mango tree. There’s no possible way they can eat them all and after giving some away they decide to make a mango stand and sell them. After successfully selling a bunch of their mangoes the girls are super excited to have earned some money and learned a little about entrepreneurship.

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This is now the fourth book I’ve reviewed for George Neeb and he never lets me down. They keep getting better and better. I’m a huge history buff and his love for history is evident. His storytelling is great, he really manages to capture the feeling of an old fable that has a message for the reader to take from it. Also the attention to detail in his illustrations blows me away, he really gets the style right and goes above and beyond. In this one he even included ancient traditional Chinese characters on each page and then in the back has a place where you can see what they mean. Also he includes some real information about Shi Huangdi (the first emperor of China) which I think is wonderful and helps the kids learn something about a very interesting historical figure. This book is a story about the Emperor wanting to find immortality. An old man pleads with the emperor to change his ways and rule with more respect and compassion. His heavy handed ways are angering a dragon and the dragon is causing many floods in retaliation. The old of course is brushed off as crazy and thrown in jail, he does however end up teaching the princess how to summon the dragon with her song. The emperor in his shortsighted greed attempts to steal from the dragon hoping to attain immortality which deeply angers the dragon. It then proceeds to kidnap a young prince named Gao. The old man explains to the princess the best way to gain the res