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6 authors your kids will love

Chris Van Dusen

I'm a huge fan of this guy, he has a bunch of great books. All of his books are wonderfully illustrated and maintain a similar style. He has a few little series like the hugely imaginative "If I built a..." series and hilarious "Mr. Magee" books.

Visit Chris Van Dusen's author page HERE

Jory John

My class frequently requests Jory John books at story time. I especially like the "The bad seed" and the other books he did with Pete Oswald... I read them a lot. My kids also seem to really like bear in the "...Already" books. He has a number of other successful kids books too, all of which I highly recommend.

Visit Jory John's author page HERE

Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson writes one of my favorite series. The "Bear" books are what my students call them and they get so much attention we've had to replace a few books from wear and tear. I originally only knew about her "Bear" books but have recently discovered she has a giant list of great books!

Visit Karma Wilson's author page HERE

Brandi Dougherty

I added Brandi to this list mostly because as a teacher I've found her "The littlest..." series to be extremely useful in my kindergarten and first grade classrooms. She covers a lot of holidays and so with every holiday a new book. At least one of Brandi's books are around the classroom at any given time. Beyond her "The littlest..." books, she also has some interesting chapter books for grades one to four. Look out for the "Bark Park" mystery series and the "Wild Fairies" series.

Visit Brandi Dougherty's author page HERE

Jean Reagan

Jean Reagan is the author of the brilliant "How to..." series. Always filled with humor, these books are smash hits in my classroom. The writing is very clever and matched up with perfect age appropriate illustrations. I'm always on the look out for the

next book in this series.

Visit Jean Reagan's author page HERE

Alice Schertle

Alice is most widely known for the "Little Blue Truck" series. These books are super great for the little ones. The illustrations are fun, the rhyming text doesn't seem forced and the concept is always easy to follow. I always have a great time reading these books with my students. We often get carried away trying to do our impressions of the animals... it gets pretty ridiculous.

Visit Alice Schertle's author page HERE

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