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22 books that help foster self-esteem and confidence

This is such a positive book!! I love the motivational text and these illustrations are absolutely AMAZING!! Written in a way that speaks directly to child it offers a surprising amount of wisdom. Telling the child about ways to act and things that will happen as they grow and become awesome human beings. It’s impossible not to feel a little emotional while reading this to your little one. Each page is like a motivational piece of advice you’d give to your child. I read it to my second graders and they loved it, the tiger is such a great character and if you’re looking for an upbeat, beautifully illustrated book this one is a great choice and will quickly become the most requested book on the shelf.

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A wonderful story about self confidence and how each one of us is uniquely beautiful. About a girl named Unique who is feeling shy and nervous about going to a new school. When she arrives at her new school she doesn’t really even want to talk, she doesn’t want join in the soccer games... she really feels unsure of herself. The teacher gives her the class pet to take care of, observe and report back to the class about. One night she notices the butterfly has emerged from its cocoon. Excited about this amazing turn of events she happily drifts off to sleep. That night she has a transformative dream, inspired by the class pet, she dreams of riding on the back of the beautiful butterfly surrounded by vibrant colors. The butterfly speaks to her and offers some wonderful wisdom that remained with her in the morning. Feeling inspired to be herself despite her differences she walks back into school with a new found confidence and winning attitude. Going to a new school is definitely a stressful experience for a lot of kids and I love books that recognize that. Confidence is not easy for everyone to find and that’s why stories like this are so important. This is really worth picking up and will certainly be an excellent addition to your Children’s Bookshelf.

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What a gorgeous book! The illustrations were the first thing that really caught my attention then after reading the story I knew I had to read this with my students. Features a young girl who’s afraid of the dark. Her grandmother has a chat with her about the importance of facing her fears. While there, grandma decides it’s time to let her in on a little secret about a magical secret door that exists in her room. After giving her the key to take care of, a little fairy visits in the night and explains how the key works and how to enter this tiny little world. Curious she decides to enter the little doorway and see what’s on the other side. While there she makes some friends and encounters the one they call “The Meanie”. She sees the fear in all of her friends and decides it’s time for them to face their fears. When “The Meanie” came back angry and threatening they all stood up and told her they aren’t afraid of her and offered her their friendship instead. This change of attitude worked and “The Meanie” stopped being so mean. After teaching them to be brave the girl realized there was no reason for her to be afraid of the dark either.

I love the message about being brave and there are some great words of wisdom sprinkled across this story. In the hands of the right parent or teacher this can be a very useful book to help children deal with fear and have more emotional awareness.

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This a cute book with a positive message about confidence. It’s very simple and makes for a great bedtime story. It features a little girl who sees various things that she finds scary or difficult but then tells herself she can do it. I like the positive repeating mantra “I know I can, yes I know I can.” Definitely worth checking out.

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This is a wonderful book, I'm so happy to see books like this out there. I think it can offer a great deal of comfort to children that are feeling like they don’t necessarily fit in with everyone else