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15 books about conservation and environmental awareness

This book was awarded the Gold Mom’s Choice Award and features Ge the bear and his desire to improve the environment. Ge teaches the reader about recycling, coastline cleanup, water conservation and responsible shopping. These are steps we can all take to minimize our impact on the environment and I think it’s great to see books like this out there! These cute characters resonate well with children, my students loved it.

Also there are free printables for teachers to use in class and downloadable eBooks at

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Part of the “Save the Earth” series I picked up. My students and I have begun learning about eco systems, conservation and human impact on the planet... so this of course was a natural fit. About a polar bear who is hungry because there is less food now. Things are getting warmer. Fortunately he makes friends with a beluga and an Inuit girl along the way. It’s a great intro to global warming and perfect as a read aloud, they discuss ways to help slowdown global warming and how we can help in our daily lives. I read it with my first grade class and it was part of a unit we’ve been working on so the kids were already familiar with the concept. You might find that some words or larger concepts are too advanced for your little one or at least require further explanation. Definitely a well illustrated, super cute book worth reading and a great introduction to the topic. It is of course an issue we cannot ignore and so I believe it’s important to have more books like this.

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Part of the “Save the Earth” series and Bees are such an important part of the ecosystem that need our love. This book is wonderfully illustrated and clearly shows how pollination works and how bees interact with our world. A very relatable storyline shows how just a few kids living in the city can help the bees Also featuring great activities and crafts, this book is a wonderful choice.

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I absolutely adore these books! Gorgeous illustrations and a cute story about a mermaid and her turtle friend resonated really well with my students. This book has a clear message about protecting our oceans, recycling and making mindful decisions in our everyday life. Also featuring educational activities and facts, really a must have.

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