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5 books about Covid19 to read with your child.

An adorable book about a grandma that sees her granddaughter every Thursday. But now Covid19 and social distancing has made their weekly visits come to an end. Narrated by grandma she explains why they can’t hang out together for right now and reassures her that it’s not forever and that she loves and misses her. Lovely illustrations depict all kinds of things they love to do together and things they can still do despite the inconvenience of social distancing. Overall wonderful book, I loved it and definitely relevant for a lot of people right now.

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Super sweet book to help the little ones deal with quarantine time. Explains to the reader about what’s happening and why we need to wash our hands and stay inside. The quarantine isn’t so bad, after all there are so many great things to do indoors. Hide and go seek, draw, color pictures or build forts... the possibilities are seemingly endless and before long quarantine will be over. Written in rhyme and featuring well placed simple artwork and creative text layout. I found this to be very enjoyable and perfect for this time in our lives. Also half of the profits go to The World Health Organization supporting the global Covid19 response efforts.

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This is a great book for teaching kids about Covid19 and how to deal with it. At this point it has certainly impacted all of our lives and it’s so important to have books like this around. This can be a helpful tool to help kids understand and visualize the issue in a way that makes sense to them. It’s written in rhyme and has lovely illustrations, the message is clear and entertaining. Also it’s reassuring and not scary, so in the end the little ones will feel like it’s not a big deal as long as we all do our part. Really great addition to any homeschooling materials or a bedtime story.

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This is a wonderful book to read during this Covid19 period. It teaches kids about this situation and how Covid spreads and what to do about it. It’s all done in a very child friendly way that kids will enjoy and not be scared. . . This is a special book because it was created to raise funds for UNITED WAY OF CANADA - CENTRAIDE CANADA. The gofundme works like this... you can donate however much you like, and in return you get an email with a digital copy of this book to read with your little ones. All proceeds go to charity. The link to the fund raiser can be found in the Instagram profile bio of @gracesegall

A friend of mine recommended this to me. She bought this book and her 5 year old daughter loved it so much they copied the idea from the book and planted sunflowers in their garden. After checking it I’ll say it’s yet another wonderful book to read during this Covid19 period. It’s not too complicated so the kids can follow along but still accurate in explaining the situation we’re all in. The little girl expresses a lot of relatable frustrations about social distancing and so mom teachers her to be patient by growing a sunflower and caring for it. Also all proceeds will be donated to charities supporting people affected by COVID-19.

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