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Children's Bookshelf Instagram's 10 Most Liked 2018

An inspiring story. Written by Michael Jordan’s mom and sister. A tale about faith and hope and how any family working together can help a child make his or her dreams come true.

An important story about what it means to receive positive and negative feedback and what an appropriate response is in each situation. Handling negative feedback gracefully is a very important life lesson some adults I know still need to master.

A boy has a dream to catch a star. He tries everything he can to catch a star. There’s no end to the creative ideas he comes up with. In the end, the boy’s wish comes true in a somewhat unexpected way.

This series is so fun... The writing is great with a familiar flow. I've never seen a child that wasn't in love with these books! All kinds of new dinosaurs entertain with their dino antics.

An entertaining story of a bug who has the misfortune of being sucked into the belly of a vacuum cleaner. Will the bug have what it takes to escape the vacuum?

Poppy's imagination just isn't satisfied with being all bottled up in her head, and one day it actually comes to life. What would you do if your imagination actually came to life?

An adorable story about a boy that feels lonely and thinks that no one notices him. Until one day when he meets a whale that is lost and needs the boy’s help getting back to the sea. Any kid who's ever felt like they've had a hard time making friends will love this book.

With her love of nature and science and dedication to chimpanzees, she changed what we know about chimpanzees as well as improved the future for many female scientists who came after her.

Love a good monster book ? This one is cute. The monster under the bed left and went fishing. Now it’s time to interview some new monsters to take its place.

To sum this series up in one word... Hilarious! Super fun graphic novel series for young kids. Great for a read aloud or early readers.

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