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8 books about winter

I read this to my students and I thought it was great. The level was perfect for them so now I've been letting different students take turns reading it out loud to the class. Really great series, never lets me down.

Wonderful story with a great message. Be careful what you wish for! I really like the artwork and found that my students were unusually into this book.

Lovely story about a boy who wishes for snow and is completely convinced it’s coming. Will his wish come true? A Caldecott honour winner and perfect wintertime read. Simple and uplifting with fun illustrations.

Lovely writing and beautiful artwork. Most people don’t a lot about yetis, good this book is here. I bet you didn’t know that yetis actually really like.... well ... you’ll find out soon enough.

This one was recommended to me by a fellow teacher. There are a lot of activities and worksheets available online to go with this book. Excellent illustrations help make this educational book a teachers best friend.

A fun story that’s easy to love. Being out in the snow when you’re little really is an adventure. This book really captures that feeling.

A very endearing story about friendship and a wonderful addition to a fantastic series. I enjoy Holly Hobbie’s story telling and my kids were so into this book I’m gonna have to read it again with them.

Super silly book about a snowman that wants to get warm. My students always request it. Perfect choice for a bedtime story during the holiday season.

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