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5 children’s books about dinosaurs

This is one of my favorites. The boy’s dinosaur decides to play hide and seek and proves to be very difficult to find. The young boy searches all over the house and even outside and cannot seem to find his dinosaur anywhere. Wonderful illustrations and rhyming text leave my students laughing out loud every time we read it. 

I put this book in my classroom and it has become the most popular book on the bookshelf... kids are actually fighting over it. Dinosaurs have always had a wonderful way of sparking the curiosity of little ones. 

This series is really cute. Nice unforced rhymes and a perfect read aloud for really young kids. Short and sweet with lovely illustrations. 

This series is so fun... The writing is great and outstanding illustrations make this whole series a smash hit. 

Hal’s playtime with his dog , is disrupted when a super hungry dinosaur comes crashing into their yard. Hal takes charge and saves the dog and his parents . He also teaches the dinosaur about being respectful and having good manners.