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12 kids books based on real events.

If this book doesn’t ignite your child’s curious young mind. Read it again! The Mars rover Curiosity narrates her own story and tells the reading all about her trip to Mars and all kinds of interesting facts about how everything happened.

This book is about the ocean and sailing . It’s an incredible true story and really a good book to inspire kids to follow their dreams. The main character learns to sail and navigate during a time when most children , in particular girls, were not taught such things. Eleanor Prentiss worked as a navigator for her husband and together they went on to break the world record for fastest passage from New York to San Francisco in 1853 and held that record until 1989.

What a great idea for a children’s book , it's based on an actual rhino alive today. Poachers kill Douwlina's mom but fortunately other animals step in to take care of her.

This is a true story and really is a wonderful book filled with life lessons. I can’t even believe this happened, the world is such an amazing place. A young boy in England finds a canary outside his school near the football field. He manages to catch it and it soon becomes the class pet. Will the little canary find his way home or remain a classroom pet forever?

Based on a true story, Alfred Ely Beach invented a train that transformed New York . The art work is really impressive too, 3D illustration really brings life into books. The people at Red Nose Studio are insanely talented and have created the artwork for several of my favorite books! The back of the book contains the facts of the fascinating real events which you should definitely read.

This inspiring book shows how one small bit of aid can make a huge impact. When Kojo’s father dies, he has to quit school and help support the family. He receives a small loan and buys a chicken. He starts selling the eggs and make great use of his investment.

Based on real events this book chronicles the adventure Inky the octopus probably had as he escaped back to the ocean from the National Aquarium of New Zealand. How awesome is respect to that octopus for never giving up.

The illustrations are excellent and the message is great, emphasizing patience, hard work and following your dreams. The story of a young Michael Jordon is sure to inspire all. The ending leaves you feeling positive and upbeat. Great book.

These books are sweet. The author and her daughter "Arianna" have to live with disabilities. By looking at these books it's easy to see they have a wonderful attitude and have actually turned it into something really positive and helpful to other people in similar situations. About a young girl that has to live with a disability but thankfully she has an amazing imagination. She has to wear leg braces but fortunately they're magic and take her on all kinds of adventures!

Based on the true story of inventor Lodner Phillips, who tried his hand at submarine design on the shores of Lake Michigan. Papa builds three increasingly large and more complicated underwater vehicles, each of which sinks, with Papa emerging cheerfully.

This is a true life story about Eugenie Clark, a zoologist that changed the way the world looked at sharks. She helped prove to the world that sharks aren't pesky predators but rather an essential part of a healthy ocean. Dispelling a lot of myths during her career, she not only became a highly respected scientist she became an inspiration to girls everywhere hoping to get into the sciences.

When young Temple was diagnosed with autism, no one expected her to talk, let alone become one of the most powerful voices in modern science. Yet, the determined visual thinker did just that.

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