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Children's Bookshelf Instagram's Most Liked Books of 2017

Lela Nargi's "The Honeybee Man," is about a man in Brooklyn who is a beekeeper and collects honey from his bees . A nice introduction to the world of urban beekeepers and also info about bees themselves. The bee issue is becoming quite serious and I think education about bees is of great importance.

Hugely popular on amazon! Written by Laura Joffe Numeroff, illustrations by Felicia Bond, this book shows kids that every cause has an effect.

This a pretty interesting book and opens up endless conversations and teachable moments. Kids can really learn a lot about different countries and how amazing our world is. It's loaded with beautifully illustrated maps.

This list has several books to read around Halloween time. This one was hugely popular. Creepy Carrots is about a rabbit who loves to eat carrots and is worried that "creepy carrots" are following him.

Here's another one of the fan favorites from Halloween. Room on the broom is always a hit! From the creators of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. An uplifting story of a witch and some very well mannered animals who help her.

This is a lovely book. It got a lot of likes and seems to have quite the following. This book introduces readers to a young bear who’s experiencing his first autumn.

If you haven't heard of Babar the super awesome traveling elephant, you need to get out more! Turned into a popular television show and much loved animated movie, kids everywhere are fans of this creation by Jean de Brunhoff. A French elephant travels from the jungle to the big city and back, just in time to be crowned king.

I'm not surprised this was in the top 10. It seems to be on every bookshelf I see. When people think about kids books this classic book by Eric Carle comes to mind very quickly. Great for the super young children, follow a cheery caterpillar as it nibbles it's way through all kids of food and transforms into a butterfly.

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot is a refreshing twist on the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Your children will learn the importance of telling the truth when they read this book. They will also learn to be careful when they tell a lie because it just might come true.

Finishing off the list strong with one of my most liked books on Instagram. The artwork is stunning, I simply love it. I read this book during the holiday season every year. It's already a classic in my eyes. The Polar Express is such a magical book, it really brings me back to when I was a kid and I believed in Santa.

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