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8 animal inspired kids books

I really enjoyed this book. About a bear that hears his neighbors playing music and is feeling grumpy about it. He notices all his friends are enjoying it so he decides to try something new. The bear begins to play on the drum and realizes that trying new things is pretty fun.

I absolutely love the illustrations and the story is great. It’s happy, filled with humor and all about kindness and empathy. You really can’t ask for anything more in a children's book.

Grandma Badger tells the little ones a bedtime story about 2 mice that set out in a little hot air balloon in search of adventure. Making friends along the way and visiting new lands they accidentally find exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Poachers arrive intent on stealing a young elephant but they messed with the wrong elephants. Bob hears the cries, stands up to evil and confronts the poachers! The back of the book also has some elephant facts and talks about conservation. I love it!!

Such a lovely book with a great message. A little bird wishes he could do many things like other animals. But his mother keeps telling him “be happy to be you.” ... in the end will the little bird be content just being him?

Written in rhyme, it's a soothing and positive read. Perfect for a bedtime story and filled with really cute artwork.

A wonderful bedtime story, great premise, perfect for the really young ones. It’s a simple countdown but also kind of an adventure as one by one the orcas fall asleep along the way.

Follows the runt of the litter as he excitedly awaits meeting his new family. Puppies will be puppies. Of course, he has no problem making a mess and getting into a bit of trouble. Great illustrations and written in rhyme make it a great bedtime story.

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