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Arianna's Magic Boots Series

This is a lovely book about imagination and having a positive attitude. It's about a little girl that needs to wear leg braces. Best part is they're magic and when she closes her eyes her magic leg braces can take her on adventures.

This book obviously has a niche audience that will enormously benefit from it, however I read it to my students and they all loved it. The over all message is wonderful and applies to so many situations in life. Stay positive and your imagination is more powerful than you know.

Arianna finds herself in a jungle and befriends some of the jungle animals.

Author Karen A. Gasperini writes within the book how it's actually based on real events, both the Karen and her daughter have the same disability. So with Mom as the writer and Arianna as the star together they've made several books hopefully inspiring others to rise above whatever life throws at you.

Back with her second book, it's beach day and just as you guessed it... her magic boots take her on an adventure under the sea. When you're a mermaid there's no limit to the fun you can have.

She ends up making some new friends ... they take Arianna around exploring the sea.

They explore shell cove, collecting a bunch of beautiful shells,

Along their journey they visit some secret hot springs and a few other lovely spots.

After reading these books to my students i really felt they enjoyed them. They had all kinds of questions after like "Did she really meet mermaids?" , "Are mermaids real?", "what happened to her legs, now she has a fish body?" This is showing me that the kids were entertained and engaged and along with the super positive message... These books have a place on my Children's Bookshelf!

- These books are available for purchase on Amazon.