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The Land Of Book Series

This series of books is really special. Each of the books provides a different life lesson, and cleverly disguises them within fun rhymes and the illustrator's amazing art.

Land of OR (released August 2015) takes readers on a journey of making good choices and picking the best option. with really amazing artwork kids will explore the Canyon of WHY, cross the Stream of IF Then, and take other important steps as they learn to how to choose the Best Option!

The book comes with a little map that I've found kids really respond to. They love look at it, it's really incredible how fascinated they find it.

Land of AND (released November 2015) is an adventure of inclusion where every character you meet gets to join and readers learn the importance of inclusion and accepting differences.

As you float down the river that rolls and rumbles through Land of AND, you'll get the chance to join up with new and interesting characters you may not have thought to include in your plans before. You'll learn that even those who seem scary or different at first may bring something great to your journey; whether it's a special skill, a wealth of experience, or even just a unique sense of style! You'll have to watch out for the Yabbut, who tries to keep your odd and unusual new friends from coming aboard. But with help and wise advice from your trusty river guide, you'll make sure that everyone gets to come along!

In Land of I AM (released November 2016) readers journey through a maze full of warped mirrors that have come from the false, and usually negative labels we have given ourselves - the I AMs that we use. As you journey through, you learn that these images are false, where they come from, and how to get out to your best, real self.

The first 2 books come with a cool map but this one offers a maze and my students harass me constantly to see it. It's weird those things that kids can't get enough of. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed these books and so did my students. The message of each book offers a lot of opportunity for discussion and the art work with in the books is so well done the kids will happily look at it and talk about all the crazy looking characters. Congratulations to Katie Mullaly and Toby Allen on a job well done. I'm proud to have these books on my Children's Bookshelf and look forward to the next book coming soon. For more about these and a place to purchase check out