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The travel adventures of George and Paolo... Australia

Another installment of our favorite travel loving buddies. George and Paolo do Australia! These guys travel the world and show kids all the fun and most notable destinations around. Inspiring young people to explore our amazing diverse planet.

These books are a great way to introduce little ones to the sights and various activities to explore in different countries. Kind of an intro to geography for kids, this book belongs to an ever growing series.

These books are great for use in the classroom and also for parents wishing to introduce a specific country in prep for an upcoming holiday. George and Paolo are well traveled and always visit the best cities and main attractions.

Personally I love traveling and am extremely interested in different cultures, history and am one of those people that have bitten by the travel bug. For me as a school teacher, I think these books are fantastic teaching materials. It's very easy to incorporate a book like this into a lesson and the characters are very appealing to little ones. That's exactly why this book has a place on my Children's Bookshelf! To purchase this book please follow the link below.