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The money adventures of Mike Murray and friends

This is a really good book for teaching the benefit of a little hard work. It's a short chapter book and can be read in one sitting no problem. Perfect as a bedtime read aloud.

A young boy named Mike is a gamer and dreams of going with his family on a trip to a popular gaming expo. There he can play against some of the best young gamers in the world and check out all the new games live. He doesn't really understand money and where it comes from though and assumes that his parents can just go to the bank and sort it out. This is a lesson all kids eventually learn... money doesn't grow on trees. It's time for little Mike to learn the value of money.

It's time to get a job! Little Mike quickly strikes a deal with his grandfather and begins working. His Grandfather is a good man and coaches little Mike through the ins and outs of his daily duties. Mike catches on quickly and actually begins to enjoy himself.

Mike does great! He learns that you need to work for your money and save it up to get those things you really want. With a little help he manages to reach his goals and realize his goals.

The message in this book is perfect for kids at that age where they need to feel like they can do stuff on their own. A perfect warmup read into that conversation that every parent needs to have with their child. I was about 10 years old when I got my first paper route and I've pretty much worked ever since. Instilling a good work ethic in your child at an early age can be a real game changer. That is exactly why this book has a place on my children's Bookshelf.