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Building brotherhood one step at a time

This book touches on a very real world scenario. A lovely realistic depiction of family life with an important message about patience, understanding and family unity. It's very normal to feel frustrated or jealous when living in the same house with people. When new people move in it can be hard to adapt to changes, especially for kids.

A young boy moves into a foster home and has to get used to his new family. He's the little brother of the family now and while finding his place he ends up ruffling a few feathers.

At first things are good and it's exciting having a new member of the family. It's cool having a new little brother. However the novelty wears off quite quickly as the inevitable feelings of jealousy emerge.

Some conflict ensues as the children find their equilibrium. Issues with sharing and attention are of course not easy to deal with. Emotions run high and mom decides it's time to get out of the house and spend some time bonding. With some quick thinking and expert parenting skills mom allows the children a chance to realize that having a brother isn't that bad.

This is perfect for anyone living in a home with a foster child or even in a home where siblings are having some troubles getting along. Such a down to earth book, no fantasy at all... just real life stuff kids need to see. This scenario is becoming more and more common in society and letting kids know that it's very normal to feel this way is so helpful. To know they aren't the only ones dealing with this can be a giant relief. It's refreshing to see such a real book dealing with everyday issues and that's why it has a place on my Children's Bookshelf. To purchase this book follow the link below.