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Silly Limbic

This is a great book for those kids that worry a lot. Such a smart concept and written beautifully in rhyme.

A story of a boy that worries about everything. He has an imaginary pet dog that convinces him not to do things. It's basically the personification of his own doubts and worries.

Limbic the dog is scared of most things. When Limbic feels frightened Oscar does too, so he misses out on amazing things other kids do. The girl next likes to explore, she's smart and curious and wants to hang out with Oscar. Of course Limbic gets scared and reminds Oscar of all the things that could go wrong. Oscar always has an excuse we he can't go along.

Oscar mentions his dog only to find out Daisy has one too. She explains that it's normal to feel this way and how to show that dog who's boss.

It's great to see books with a theme like this. So many people around the world suffer from anxiety problems and sometimes a bit of reassurance goes a long way. To know that it's normal and that they aren't the only one with these feelings is exactly what children need to hear. And this is why Silly Limbic has a place on my Children's Bookshelf! Follow the link below to purchase a copy.