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From dark to light

WOW, what fantastic book! The concept is great and the illustrations are perfect. A coming of age tale, from a fresh perspective. Written through the eyes of a pumpkin, this book follows the pumpkin's thoughts as he transitions from seed to


At the start he's just a little seed being planted. He doesn't know what's happening or why he's been put in the dirt. He's uncomfortable and feels like a bit of an outcast. He has his two sisters with him under the ground. They tease him and make him feel left out.

He longs to be out of the ground and with a family of his own. He just wants to be accepted and bring happiness to a human family. He's delighted to find that he's growing and starts becoming a pumpkin. He's also happy to see his sisters are beside him also growing up.

As time goes on Halloween gets closer and closer. The pumpkins grow up and become full sized pumpkins, just in time for for the holiday. His heart melts as a super cute little girl chooses him and his two sisters to go home with them. He finally can bring joy to a human family!

The reader can follow the pumpkin's play by play, as he looks out the window and describes the car ride home. Once home he laughs as he watches his sisters get silly faces carved in them and loves the scary face he gets. All those worries as a little seed and growing up the garden were for nothing. The family is happy and so is Pumpker the pumpkin.

I love the illustrations by Natalia Pérez, they really bring life to this story. Also I have to say I'm enormously impressed with the fact that this book was written by a 5th grader. I'm calling it now, remember the name Isabella Murphy! This girl has talent and if she keeps coming up with books like this, success is a certainty.

The pumpkin's feelings are easy for kids to relate to, as we all know growing up is filled with worries and insecurities. I genuinely adore this book and that's why it has a place on my Children's Bookshelf! Follow the link below to purchase your own copy of this heartwarming book.