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Ballerina Monkey

Ballerina Monkey by Nicole Madigan is a lovely book with fantastic illustrations and a wonderful message.

In a colorful jungle setting Ballerina Monkey tells the story of Malik, a little monkey, who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Unfortunately he doesn’t know how! When he plucks up the courage to ask the flamingos to teach him their special ballet, the rest of the monkey tribe laugh and call him names.

Through perseverance and determination, Malik learns the importance of following your dreams and being true to yourself.

This book is a perfect opener for parents or teachers looking to discuss the importance of pursuing interests. Getting kids to openly express, what things they think are cool is an important first step. Also children need to know that it's okay to follow their passion and to not pay attention to kids around them that try to make fun of them for it. If it makes you happy and it isn't hurting anyone, there's nothing wrong with it. Bottom line everyone is different and are interested in different things, sometimes children need to hear that. Personally I would like to see more books expressing this idea to kids.

blOOturtle Publishing is a new founded global children book publishing company which wants to support the development of kids with fascinating stories and sustainable books for their future.

This day and age society is really trying to focus on how harmful bullying can be. Bullying and peer pressure are an unfortunate fact of life for most children but books like this are helping kids realize that sometimes you need to ignore the naysayers and do what's right for you. I highly recommend this book and am happy to make it part of my children's bookshelf. Follow the link below to purchase the book.