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The last dinosaur

This is a sweet book about .... well you guessed it.... the last dinosaur. Imagine being the last dinosaur and you wake up wondering where everyone went. What would you do?

Of course Dinosaur starts looking for his family. He remembers stories his mother told him of a big canyon. Maybe they're waiting for him there. Seems like a good enough plan.

Of course the dinosaur is puzzled by all the new animals he meets but they're very friendly. The dinosaur has to face some hard truths as he realizes the reality of his situation. Although the animals he meets along the way are quite helpful he still hopes he can find his mother or at least another dinosaur. At night he dreams of his family and really starts to miss them. Will he find his family or at least a place he will be happy?

Mount Tallac Publishing was founded by two sisters who spent sweet summers under the breathtaking beauty of Mount Tallac at Fallen Leaf Lake in Northern California. Mary Mahon's writing comes from her love of animals and storytelling. Laura Calhoun Mahon is a contemporary artist and former Montessori teacher.

I love this book. Personally I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid in fact I still do. They're so fascinating and really make for great characters in kids books. This book deals with some real life scenarios that might be relevant to some kids. The loss of loved ones for example or feeling the desire to have friends. This book illustrates that everything works out in the end if you stay positive and determined to make the best of any situation. When I read this with my students I found they were interested in this book a great deal and it lead to a lot of discussion. Mostly the kids coming up with suggestions for the dinosaur and what he should do now. Also a lot of questions about the real history of dinosaurs, what killed them and is it possibility of something like this actually happening. In the end the kids really enjoyed it and I'm happy to give it a place on my Children's Bookshelf. Check out the link to purchase the book.