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Canary across the Mersey

A young boy in Liverpool is doing what most young boys love to do.... kicking the football around with his mates. Out of the corner of his eye he notices an unusual spectator. A yellow canary is watching him from the sidelines. Obviously that is unusual in England so he comes up with a plan to catch the bird knowing it won't survive in the wild.

His plan worked and now the Canary is the class pet at school. This little yellow bird is making all kinds of new friends. The question is where did this little guy come from. He must have been someone's pet and escaped.

One day Michael notices an add in a local magazine. Someone has lost a yellow canary... wait... could that be the same canary? What are the odds? Will Michael be able to reunite his new friend with its family?

This is a heart-warming story about empathy, kindness and doing the right thing. The best part is that this is a TRUE STORY! The illustrations are beautiful and I honestly would love to see more kids books like this. Life is filled with random amazing stories like this just waiting to be turned into books like this, I'm so happy Dr. Michael Boyle took the time to share this with the world. This book deserves its place on my Children's Bookshelf. Visit the link to purchase the book.