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Up the Creek

So here comes a classic scenario, three unlikely best friends that don't always get along. Now throw them into the wild together and see if they can work together.

After a series of frustrating stubborn disagreements occur things of course turn ugly. They can't seem to agree on anything and eventually end up stranded on a rock cold and miserable all night.

Of course they realize the problem with this whole situation. Working together is a much better way go. Friends after all are supposed to have fun together.Being stubborn and disagreeable only leads to trouble.

This is a fun adventure that really highlights the importance of teamwork and communication. It also introduces the fun and good times to be had in the great outdoors. I love the the bounty of conversation points presented within this story. Teachers and parents can engage with their little ones over an array of directions. Friendship, teamwork, nature, dangers in the wild, animals, their habitats.... the list is long and this book is really fun. Up the creek deserves its place on my Children's Bookshelf!