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Monsters don't eat broccoli

This is a super simple concept and great way to encourage kids to eat their broccoli. It’s a fun read that’s quite repetitive and rhymes. Great for the younger kids.

The monsters take stock of what they do like to eat. Trailers and rocket ships. Redwood trees and sharks. These monsters like their food wild and weird and tasty. But when two of them devour “a clump of giant maples and their yummy, gummy bark,” they are informed (much to their shock) that those aren’t trees they’re eating. It’s broccoli!

However, the monsters (who turn out to be two hungry kids instead) stick to their story. “Say what? This isn’t broccoli. It’s crunchy, munchy TREES! And WOW, are they delicious!” Final spread . . . “Another helping, please.” Some kids are pickier than others but if monsters can change their mind, surely a kid can. This book absolutely has a place on my Children's Bookshelf.