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Everybody cooks rice

A girl is looking for her brother in San Francisco . As she goes door to door each family invites her in for food . Everybody is having a different kind of rice dish even though they are all from different countries.

Every household she visits represents a different ethnic heritage--Fendra Diaz's grandmother lives in Puerto Rico, Madame Bleu hails from Haiti, the Huas have emigrated from China, etc. All the families are either preparing or consuming dinner, and Carrie discovers that despite divergent backgrounds, ``everybody cooks rice.''

After doing a tour of all her neighbor's kitchens she's reunited with her brother and returns home for dinner. Not only is this a good book introducing various cultures to young readers it also contains recipes for each dish in the back of the book.

This book does a wonderful job of illustrating that although people have different traditions and cultures we are all people in the end. We all eat the same thing for dinner after all. In a world that is increasingly polarized politically I love to see books that introduce multiculturalism, generosity and people's commonalities. This book belongs on my Children's Bookshelf.