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Angelina's Christmas

A wonderful Christmas story featuring everyone's favourite ballerina, Angelina!It's Christmas in Chipping Cheddar and Angelina and her friends are working hard to get ready for the Christmas Show. On her way home Angelina sees lonely Mr Bell, the retired village postman, sitting at home alone. Angelina decides to bring some Christmas cheer to old Mr Bell.

she makes some biscuits and mince pies and even takes him a Christmas tree to decorate his house. Mr Bell is delighted with the gifts and in return makes an appearance at Angelina's Christmas Show dressed as Father Christmas!

Angelina's Christmas is a lovely story and has wonderful illustrations. Both Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig are accomplished in the world of Children's books and it really shows.

This is a great Christmas story and I highly recommend sharing it with your kids this holiday season. I think it's a great addition to my children's bookshelf.