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My name is not Isabella

From breakfast to bedtime, a young girl imagines being different women who made history, and ends the day empowered to be herself.

This is a series about a girl who daydreams that she is famous women from history. Her mother will speak to her and she will respond, "My name is not Isabella" and she will explain who she is at that moment in time & history as she sets about to do something in the spirit of that heroine. This continues until bedtime when Isabella becomes the Mommy extolling all of Mommy's virtues. At last Isabella is herself, and Mommy recounts all of Isabella's virtues which are a compilation of the virtues of the heroines she has been imagining to be throughout the day. It is an excellent book about strong female role models for young girls and a reminder of the part they played in history. At the end there is a biography of all the heroines mentioned to delve further into their role in history. This could be a great teaching tool and bonding book for mothers and daughters. There is a lot contained within this small book and it leaves plenty of room for discussion and further learning.

This book Is really special and is such a good one to read to your daughter. It belongs my children's bookshelf for sure.