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Great Joy

During the Christmas season, Frances comes across an organ grinder and his pet monkey. She watches them from afar, noticing that they sleep in the cold streets alone, and have no place to go. What follows in Great Joy is a heartwarming tale that will teach children that everyone, even those who may not be familiar, or the same as them, deserves respect, love, and kindness.

Frances can see them from her window and, sometimes, when it’s quiet, she can hear their music. In fact, Frances can’t stop thinking about them, especially after she sees the man and his monkey sleeping outside on the cold street at midnight.

When the day of the Christmas pageant arrives, and it’s Frances’s turn to speak, everyone waits silently. But all Frances can think about is the organ grinder’s sad eyes—until, just in time, she finds the perfect words to share. This story is perfect for the holiday season but can be read anytime of year especially because of the message that the story sends. Respect, kindness and empathy are important to teach children at an early age and so that's why this book has a place on my Children's bookshelf.