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Blueberries for Sal

The story features a little girl, Sal, and her mother as they go and pick blueberries for winter. At the same time a bear cub and his mother are on the other side of the same hill eating berries too.

This book was published in 1949 and is still selling well. Set in a small town in Maine this book uses a simple single color style of illustrations and block printing creating a very basic but effective feel. Sal and Sal's mother are modeled after the books author Robert McCloskey's daughter, Sally, and wife Peggy.

Sal and the bear cub get mixed up and follow after the wrong mother. It takes the mothers several minutes to realize they're being followed by the wrong child; it isn't until the bear cub tries to eat from Sal's mother's bucket and the mother bear hears the "ku-plink, ku-plank, ku-plunk" sound of Sal dropping blueberries into her tin pail that they realize what happened. Ultimately each child is reunited with its proper mother and they both leave the hill.

I love this book I remember reading it as a kid and honestly it's like stepping back in time to a more wholesome era when life was simple. I do believe it has a place on your children's bookshelf.