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This a pretty interesting book and opens up endless conversations and teachable moments. Kids can really learn a lot about different countries and how amazing our world is.

With 52 detailed maps of countries such as Ecuador, New Zealand, Madagascar, and Iceland and continents such as Antarctica, readers will be delighted with all there is to explore. The mixed media illustrations feature geographic elements such as mountains and rivers as well as flora and fauna native to the areas.

Readers will find that they can learn quite a lot about a country from these maps that have been created with mixed media. The book even contains interesting facts, places of note, and manages to capture the unique personalities of some of each countries' citizens. This is a very, very cool book that will captivate young readers.

This is for a detailed minded person on a rainy afternoon. There are maps, but also wonderfully detailed drawings of the hundreds of reasons why the world is a great place.

I think this book should be available to every child everywhere. The only thing that would make it better would be if every country was featured. However it most certainly has a place on your children's bookshelf.