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Douwlina a Rhino's story

What a great idea for a Children's book. Also this book is based on an actual Rhino alive today. When young Douwlina becomes orphaned after poachers kill her mother, she doesn't know what to do. Fortunately other animals step in to take care of her.

Douwlina now lives on the farm of author Grace Borgeson. As she began getting to know the animals that shared the land with her and learned more of the moving details of the little rhino's life, she realized that her purpose in Africa was to tell Douwlina's story. Her deep faith has moved her to help people all around the world understand they can help preserve the magnificent species of the African continent, particularly the rhino. She is a founding partner in Hope 12 Industries, Inc., whose Dira brand products were developed with a focus to build and expand revenue for African game parks in order to support habitat and wildlife management. Funds from the book go to Care for Wild Africa (an organization dedicated to rescuing and raising the orphans of poached female rhino and to the care and nurture of other orphaned or wounded wildlife) and other South African organizations and groups working to stop rhino poaching.

I feel like it's important to read stories to kids that touch on real issues in our world. I creates the chance for discussion after and creates compassion and awareness within our youth. Poaching is terrible and will most likely lead to the extinction of a great many species if we as a collective planet don't step in and make a real effort to control this problem. This story illustrates the power of empathy and compassion for animals and illustrates the need for us to become better at co-existing along side the wildlife that share our planet. This one has a place on my children's bookshelf.