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The Honeybee Man

Lela Nargi's "The Honeybee Man," is about a man in Brooklyn who is a beekeeper and collects honey from his bees . A nice introduction to the world of urban beekeepers and also info about bees themselves. This is also a great book to create a discussion about hobbies and how important having a hobby is. Also that there are all kinds of hobbies you can have, even unusual ones like this. It's important to be passionate about your hobby and try many different things until you find that one that you really love. This book really does open up the discussion to another important issue surrounding the disappearance of honey bees and that we need to be aware that this is happening and bring this problem into the minds of as many people as possible.

Lela Nargi’s beautifully written story along with Kyrsten Brooker’s collage-style illustrations offers an inside look at the life of an endearing beekeeper and the honey-making process. Everyday New Yorker Fred climbs up to his rooftop in Brooklyn and greets his insect friends. “Good morning, my bees, my darlings!” he would say as they tend to their hive and making more honey.

Copious details are carefully woven into descriptions of Fred's day-to-day activities ("When the bees return to their hives, Fred notices that they are flying slooowly—heavy, now, with nectar").

inspired by her former Brooklyn neighborhood, captures the bustle of sidewalks and storefronts, as well as the serenity of Fred's rooftop and a green expanse of park. She also does a fine job demonstrating the steps of collecting honey—even the bees' "waggle dances." An end note provide additional information about bees and beekeepers. Another great addition to your children's bookshelf.