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The Sweetest Fig

I absolutely love this story, and the illustrations. It has such a funny twist at the end and really does have a good moral embedded in the story. You don't come across books like this everyday.

Monsieur Bibot is a wealthy dentist. He lives alone in Paris, in a fancy apartment with his dog that he does not treat well.

One day, a poor old woman comes to have her tooth taken out. He then painfully removes the tooth with a pair of pliers.She pays him by giving him two figs instead of money because she's poor. She claims the figs will make his dreams come true. Bibot is not happy with this, and refuses to give her any painkillers. That night he eats one of the figs. To his surprise he finds himself walking his dog in Paris in his underwear, being stared at by everyone, and the Eiffel Tower has drooped over. Everything from his dream the previous night has come true.

Embarrassed Bibot vows to hypnotize himself to control his dreams so that he may become the richest man on Earth. This selfish plan involves abandoning his poor mistreated dog. But when Bibot is preparing dinner, the dog eats the second fig sitting on the table. Bibot is furious and chases the dog around the house. Heartbroken over the loss of his last fig, he goes to sleep. The next morning he's in for a surprise indeed.

This book certainly made me look at my dog differently. I highly recommend this book. I hope it finds a place on your children's bookshelf.