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Kumak's Fish

On a beautiful Arctic morning, Kumak looks out the window of his house at the sun rising over the frozen river. He declares this to be a perfect day for ice fishing. So he and his family set off to catch some fish. Everyone seems to be able to catch some fish except Kumak. He starts feeling the pressure and getting frustrated with his lack of success.

Eventually Kumak gets a bite and a serious tug of war begins. It must be a huge fish to be pulling so hard. Perhaps the biggest fish ever caught in this area. Imaginations run wild while this battle rages on with this whale sized fish. A clever twist at the end makes for a lovely story and beautiful illustrations add to the storytelling in this book.

Set in Alaska this is a great story for teachers or parents interested in exposing their readers to a different culture. The back of the book has additional information about Inupiat fishing to add an extra educational element to the book. This book is a great addition to any Children's Bookshelf.