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Children's Bookshelf Introduction

Welcome to Children's Bookshelf, we love children's books and want to do our part to help you find amazing books that you can introduce to kids in your life. Reading is so important and having high quality content to read is really important. Kids develop a love for reading when they enjoy what they're reading. Getting lost in a story that sparks your imagination is one of the most precious things in life. Children's bookshelf supports Authors looking for wide reaching exposure. We also want to be place for parents and teachers to come and find new books to add to their collections. Look on our bookshelf and order the next amazing children's book to add to your own bookshelf at home or in your classroom. We would also like to help authors without publishers find publishers by featuring their self published books on our page and across our social media channels. We also feature illustrators so that Authors can have a place to source great art for their books. We're happy to support apps and websites that fit within this niche. There are a lot of interactive story books out there that are perfect for teaching and for bringing stories to life in ways we've never seen before. E-books are another big area that people need to know more about, they're cheaper, more portable and more environmentally friendly than traditional paper print books. This industry is growing quickly and we love what all you e-book authors are doing out there. Our passion for story telling and the magic of fantastic tales is never ending. Educating young minds with morals introduced through stories, and teaching practical knowledge is the key to raising our future leaders into stand up respectable people. It all starts with the words on these pages in these books that our kids read. We kindly welcome you to become members of the Children's Bookshelf community and please follow us on social media. If you're an author looking for a promotion and want to be featured on our blog and across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, e-mail us for details. Much respect to everyone out there trying to make our world a better place one story at a time.